Reviews for Wine Snazzies

The patented Wine Snazzies aren’t just great for protecting your table. They also help provide income for visually impaired persons and others who are unable to be employed at a traditional job.

Below you’ll see what both our users and the people who produce the Snazzies have to say about our product.

“Wine Snazzies are fantastic! They dress up your wine bottle while keeping your tablecloth clean.  It’s also nice knowing that my purchase supports employment for people with disabilities.”
Constance M.

“What a great invention! The Wine Snazzie is so easy to use and stops the dreaded wine drips from ruining my table clothes. Lots of fun designs to choose from as well!”
Betsy F.

“After years of dealing with trying to remove red wine stains from my tabletop, I now do not have to worry because the Wine Snazzies prevent this from happening. What a novel and practical idea!”
Peggy D.

“I have been assisting in the production of Wine Snazzies. The unemployment rate for individuals who are blind or visually impaired is high. This opportunity has allowed me to gain valuable work experience while, working towards my ultimate goal of independence and self sufficiency.”
Yvonne P.

“Producing Wine Snazzies has enabled me to gain extra income and also work experience. My employment options were limited because of my visual impairment but since I am able to produce them at home it is a good fit.”
Bob G.

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